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Basic feelings as a compass for Hero’s journeys of all kinds

by Helga Weule & Manfred Weule

In processes of change, development, crisis and maturation, we leave familiar terrain and enter unknown territory. In the unknown we are challenged as pioneers, this is a „hero’s journey“.
It makes sense to 1. have a good compass that provides orientation for navigation. And 2. we need quality tools that are suitable for moving and exploring where no one has been before …

Healing processes are works of art:
The process of Paul Rebillot’s Hero’s Journey

by Helga Weule & Manfred Weule

There is a strong social trend of functionalizing and standardizing individuals for economic interests on one side and of their manipulative “feeding with commodities“ on the other. This generates dependencies, addiction, psychic diseases. Social and cultural change is necessary. …

Transitions as Liminal and Archetypal Situations

by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

„A transition occurs when you break that agreement that you are going to stay the same.“ …

The healing power of women’s myths –

A personal report by Helga Weule

How Inanna’s path of development helped me to reorientate myself in midlife. …

Vom Künstler zum Heiler
Aus Leben und Werk von Paul Rebillot
From artist to healer
About life and work of Paul Rebillot

The first book about life and work of Paul Rebillot was published in German with numerous pictures on the occasion of his 90th birthday on May 19, 2021.

Franz Mittermair gives an overview of Paul Rebillot’s life and
describes his seminars and trainings in detail.
Helga and Manfred Weule give a very detailed and profound interview that brings his
world of thoughts to life. In addition, there are some contributions from his pen, some of which have not yet been published.
The texts are supplemented by recollections of various people who worked with him.

Printed edition in German
Edited by Franz Mittermair, Helga Weule and Manfred Weule
Eagle Books Wasserburg am Inn
2021 (1st ed.), 224 pages, Paperback, 38 pictures
23,00 € (A), 22,80 € (D), 25,60 € (SFR)
ISBN 978-3-946136-23-1

Among Heroes and Demons

25 people from 6 countries explore feelings and shadow issues in a collaborative research project, funded by Erasmus+.

What impulses can be gained from Paul Rebillot’s artful hero’s journey seminar for the work with marginalised people?
How can feelings […] serve as a „compass“?
How can adult educators from 6 cultures and language areas with different counselling philosophies and very different target groups work together?
The theoretical results with practical exercises are described in this book.

This book is a treasure trove for the work of therapists, counsellors, artistic and political activists as well as social workers.

Printed editions in English, German and Slovak
23,50 € (A), 22,80 € (D)
ISBN 978˗3˗946136˗20˗0

Downloadable PDFs of English, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Serbian and Icelandic versions see under Projects / HIT