About Paul Rebillot

Paul Rebillot [1931-2010] studied philosophy and theatre and was a very well-known actor and director in California of the 1960s.
He taught the art of theatre at Stanford and San Francisco State
University and founded the Gestalt Fool Theatre Family in San Francisco.

Just in the middle of a theatre play on an open air stage he started to hear his call and within the following spiritual crisis his vision came to him. This made him train Gestalt therapy with Richard Price, a student of Fritz Perls. On this background and through intensive study of the myths of various cultures, he developed the “Hero’s journey“ and his further Gestalt processes.

He led groups and trainings for 40 years at the Esalen Institute, California and at various centres in Europe.

Conversations with Paul Rebillot January 2000
Helga Weule & Manfred Weule, November 2021

The Hero’s Journey. A Call to Adventure
By Paul Rebillot with Melissa Kay

With a foreword by Stan Grof.

A detailed description of the Hero’s Journey’s design and how to do it, written in a clear and direct language in a personal way. New edition 2017 Eagle Books Wasserburg Germany

Also available in German.

In Paul’s own words…

Articles by Paul Rebillot as PDFs

„Dancing with the gods“
published 1981

„The power of story and myth
– the genesis of an approach to healing“
published 2006

„Homosexual people as a source of healing
for themselves and for our culture“
published 2003