HJ staff members

Adventure Life is a community following the ‚enlightened mastery principle‘.
When an activist has fulfilled the steps of the curriculum, it is her/his own responsibility to apply as a HJ facilitator or he/she may be nominated by others for that.
AL’s general meeting will accept or postpone this application after a debate.

Activists might also make a ‚break‘ coming back after a while to engage themselves again.
Not all members want to become a HJ facilitator. Some prefer to develop a qualification in using HJ elements in further education.

Hero’s Journey Facilitators & Supervisors

Dr. Helga Weule


Senior guide
Philosopher, paintress, lecturing consultant for group dynamics and systemic counseling (ÖGGO), authoress, grandmother
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Manfred Weule M.A.

A German in Austria

Senior guide
Cultural anthropologist, engineer, psychosocial counselor, supervisor, organisational consultant, author and flute player, grandfather
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Mgr.art Patrik Krebs


Language teacher, drama therapist, theatre principal, non-formal educator for kids and adults,
nature lover
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Facilitators in training

Antonia Lechner


Psychological counselor, systemic Gestalt counseling, trauma-centered integration work, dancer, sister, mother, healer and magician
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Darina Deaková

Czech Republic

Dramatherapist, social worker
in mental health care, facilitator in Open Dialogue, hiker, happiest when she walks through the countryside

Elfi Priewasser


Mother, grandmother, German language trainer, healer and mage. Deeply connected with nature and spirituality.Since 2006 still excited about HJ

Mag. Elisabeth Kamenicky


Economist, trainer and consultant for group dynamics and systemic counseling (ÖGGO), solution-focused coach; daughter, sister, friend and lover with the life purpose to heal myself and others; owner and managing director of a technical production company.

Jitka Červená

Czech Republic

Mother of two, lifelong self-healer, returning to the nature in a lost village under Czech highest mountains, experimentator with the form of Hero’s journey for bringing it to different audiences

Magdaléna Komárová


Actress, dramatherapist and mother, lover of systemic constellation, healing arts, islands, nature, dance and Hero’s Journey process

Martina Bártová

Czech Republic / Germany

Guide through rites of passage and the feminine soul, teacher, singer, health clown, lover of theatre and improvisation, nature and natural cycles, fool 

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Vida Alauf


I am a teacher for youngsters with challenges in learning at school.
I am very often in the wilderness.
My life purpose is to be of support in learning, sharing joy and helping to bring forward clarity

Tomáš Kubiš


Project manager and actor of Divadlo bez domova, social worker and counselor working more than 15 years with disadvantaged persons and groups, mainly with homeless people. Proofreader, father, in close relationship with Paul Rebillot’s Hero’s Journey since 2016
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