Adventure Life – welcome to the journey !

Life is an adventure. If it is not, our liveliness is stuck in habits. But those who follow their own “call to adventure” follow a path with crises of maturation. Crises are life transitions into something new, demanding a decision. About this path myths and magical fairy tales are told since ancient times in all cultures. At their core, they are nothing else than manifold hero’s journey experiences. The structure of this path has been described as „Hero’s journey“ since James Joyce, Vladimir Propp and Joseph Campbell.

Paul Rebillot has created an artful seminar from this „Hero’s journey“ structure making use of his personal experiences and his work with Gestalt, analog media, theater, bodywork, rituals, shamanism, myths and art. It enables to see the own life path more clearly (the vision of the „hero“) and to walk it with vitality and power (the „demon of resistance“). The „hero“ knows what his/her target is and in the „demon of resistance“ there is the power of the shadow themes of our culture, which can be transformed and used for the goals in the seminar. The shadow themes are often split off as „evil“ and „guilty“ and as enemy images put around others who are marginalized and excluded as minorities. In the Hero’s Journey seminar, these forces can be personally integrated and used for the goals of the hero – that is, a meaningful and fulfilling life.

5 people describe their experiences with Paul Rebillot’s Hero’s Journey
4 Leute beschreiben ihre Erfahrungen
mit Paul Rebillots Heldenreise
Hero’s Journey 2013, Slovakia