Hero’s Journey

In processes of change, development, crisis and maturation, we leave familiar terrain and enter unknown territory. In the unknown we are challenged as pioneers, this is a „hero’s journey“.

Helga Weule & Manfred Weule in: Basic feelings as a compass for Hero’s journeys of all kinds

The Call

Developed by Paul Rebillot, the Hero’s Journey is a 4 to 8 day training, that offers you the experience of an adventurous inner journey for self-reflection. Combining several methods like body work, meditation, theatre or holotropic breathwork, it is a comprehensive work of art – influenced by Gestalt therapy, group dynamics, art in its various forms, dialectics and rituals.

In every human being there is a part that wants to make something of its life, that seeks change and further development. And there is another part that stands in its own way, protects the status quo and sabotages everything new.

Especially when a transition into a new life situation emerges, these two aspects come into play.

The Reward

If the conflict between desire and anxiety is not resolved, paralysis, listlessness and discontent will arise. The goal of the hero’s journey is to accept and integrate your own adventurous hero and protective demon.

Discovering your resources and an inner source of sense will enable you to follow your vision.
In that way your life can gain authenticity and success in a very personal sense.
Everybody feeling resonance with these targets will benefit from it.

What to expect

  • 4-8 days seminar / 24 hour retreat
  • accommodation and catering close by
  • guided by a minimum of 2 facilitators + assistants
  • main steps of the process
    1. Day of the Hero
    2. Day of the Demon of resistance
    3. Confrontation
    4. Land of the Unknown
    5. Trial + Reward
    6. The Return
  • closing with half a day for integration, reflecting the process and having a look at the diversity of methods used in a Hero’s Journey

Methods used in Hero’s Journey

as facilitated by AL

  • Meditation, alignment of energy: Chi Gong or Sufi meditation
  • Securing cognitively intuitive insights into language
  • Imagination / fantasy journeys sitting or in moving body (Fool’s dance, coming home)
  • Visualization of “inner” images, working with “outer” images
  • Symbol work (Tarot, gift/reward)
  • Art work (Shamanism)
  • Theatre / drama work with myths, role plays (controller/child, confrontation)
  • Gestalt work=modelling of inner instances and of polarities (hero-demon)
  • Group dynamic
  • Sharing = unstructured process in communicating personal experiences
  • Feedback
  • Creative design of symbolic actions (Hero’s presentation, energizing instrument of power)
  • Ritual
  • Holotropic breathing [Stanislav Grof]
  • Body work / body armour – battlefield [Wilhelm Reich]