How to come in

Taking part in a HJ

is the easiest way to find out if you want to engage.

Facilitator Trainings

This is a summer week of “open learning and co-learning in community” on the place of silence in Austria.
We reflect and deepen own experiences and capabilities as a facilitator in training.

The agenda of a Facilitator training is a step-by-step process. Based on “self assessments” of own activities in facilitating a Hero’s Journey or using HJ elements in working with oneself and others, activists suggest topics of the training and find out who wants to be in charge of that topic.

These trainings are also open to “newcomers” if they took part in a Hero’s Journey before.

Being a part of Adventure Life (AL)

We are going to define projects of cooperation, which invite participation as well as co-funding.

Inside AL there are 3 types of membership:
Members = facilitators in training
Guides = Facilitators of HJ
Supporters = non-active members funding the association and receiving the newsletter